Hi Guys,
Does anyone know how to replace pickups? I want a pair of humbuckers on my Epiphone SG310 instead of the single coil junk. Anyone got any ideas?
When you get the pickups there should be an instruction manuel if not ask the guitar stores repairman or go on the manufactures website, it's pretty easy if you're switching humbuckers but single coil to humbuckers is impossible.
If you want to replace single coils with humbuckers than you're in for a lot of work. It requires a ton of routing, and isn't worth the time, effort, and money. Especially on an Epiphone.
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those aren't single coils, theyre just humbuckers without covers
you can buy covers and solder them onto the pickups if you want em that bad
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^^ i was about to say an epi sg 310 comes equipped with hums.
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