I don't actually think thats a song is it? I'm not a big Zeppelin fan, but I thought that was their record label. Maybe you mean the Wanton Song.

And BTW, Led Zeppelin ONLY thread please.
The Rain Song? If so I think Derigiberble did a soarkling good tab on it.

Only Led Zep thread
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Yeah I have never hear of the Swan Song...
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The Swan Song was a song that Zeppelin never commercially released, and kept only as a studio sessions recording.

However, claims say it's possible to get Swan Song from programs such as LimeWire. Whether or not the song is legitamate or not I'm not sure, because I've never heard the song myself, but SethMegadefan, who downloaded Swan Song, said it sounded like it was Zeppelin.

I'm not sure if it's tabbed out or not, though, because I've never run across or searched for the tab before.
How can u guys say there is no such song as the swan song? Thats gotta be their best acoustic song.
People are saying "this is no such song as the swan song" because it was never commercially released.

The version of the song that people download from LimeWire isn't official, either, though many people claim it is Led Zeppelin.

The closest publicly know version of the song is "Midnight Moonlight", which is a rearranged version of the song done by The Firm - Jimmy Page's post-Zeppelin band.