i was just wondering if any of you here have bought stuff from American Musical supply? If so, how did you like their service? i've been thinking about buying a guitar from them but their "5 Easy payment plan" seems too good to be true.
i think theyre alright and the 5 easy payment plan theyre probably going to try to rip you off with that
I only use AMS. Their flex plan is great its not a rip off. 3-4 day delivery times and great customer service!!! Use them!
when ever u buy something on lay away. make sure they arent adding extra charges.

with that said, i like buying from MF, music123, and AMS

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i prefer musicians friend. some people say the customer service is bad but i havent had any bad experiences. i especially like the free shipping over $100, and it only takes 2-5 days!
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