Iv got a Boss ME-50 and have pretty much figured out how to use all of the settings on it except this one. Iv kinda figured out what the compresser does and how to use it but have not yet been able to figure out the sustainer. Can anyone help me to figure out how this works and what it does??

Edit: Oh crap.. im an idiot, i meant to say that i cant work out what the compressor does, i no what the sustainer does
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it controls how long a note sustains....its in the name man. cant tell you HOW you use it till i know what the controls are, tho i cant imagine they're too complicated.
a compressor i think is something that puts all notes at the same volume. example if you slaam an open e power chord itll most likely be louder than a 5th fret harmonic, a compressor will make them the same volume