Is it better to learn and pratice one lick at a time or is it okay to practice more than one stuff? thx
Get yourself a kitchen timer, practice lick A for 5-10 minutes, lick B for the same time, etc. Time does need to be put in to nail a lick, sure. However, you start doing a lick for too long, and you can start losing concentration and getting sloppy, which doesn't help learning at all. Varying your practice schedule gives you new challenges, and for me personally it keeps me more focused.
Whatever is comfortable for u, if u get overwhelmed, try to simplfy it for yourself, and learn things one at a time.
Psychodelia brings up a good point, sometimes it is good to just lay off of a difficult passage, come back to it later or the next day and often it will come to you easier.
^ Well I don't know about the next day, lol, but give it some time. Sometimes you just need to relax a little and let the learning sink in.