Not much done a inspiration from Irish and American Past hence the name, this is far from down, I'm only half way though part 1 or even less. Their is alot emotions to be set up, that deal with the first voyage, famine, acceptance, and many more.
Irish Bostonian.zip
I'm not sure what to think... Part of me likes it because it's just different for me (ignorance is bliss), but I do recongnize traditional roots in it. Overall, I can say it goes well, and I'd really like to hear the final version. Awsome stuff so far, but I'll refrain from further comments until it's finished.
It kind of reminded me of my own song Bell Rain. I thought it sounded very good and very interesting, but I'm not sure about the little flute solo...a solo might be appropriate there, but that particular one could sound a alot better with a more interesting rhythm and melody. Overall, the song's definitely worth working on.