I didn't search this but I doubt it's been done. Does anybody know how to get the sound Patrick Matthews from The Vines has on their albums. I really like it and I want to know how to get it. Right now I have a crappy 10 watt amp because I sold my other one. At the end of the summer I'll get my new amp which will be an Ampeg SVT-3PRO and an ampeg 4x10 cab. Also if anyone knows if that amp is good would help.
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i believe he used a jazz bass so that should be part of it. set the treble pretty high and just screw around until you find something close.
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ampeg svt-3 and 410HE is my current rig.
i have a Conklin groove tools 5 string with active bartolini pickups, which really contributes to my tone.
the amp is pretty loud, if you're good at setting it up. i mostly play fast technical death metal and i get really good tone.