Okay so I've been playing guitar for 9 months now and I've just about worn out my beginner's guitar book. I'm working on soloing and creating riffs and I am aware of the pentatonic scale that's like this:

E |-----x--------x----------------|
B |-----x--------x----------------|
G |-----x-----x-------------------|
D |-----x-----x-------------------|
A |-----x-----x-------------------|
E |-----x--------x----------------|

I know you can shift this up three frets to make a minor scale, and add the "blue note" for a blues scale. What I need to know now is: What else do I need to know...now? Regarding scales, of course.

Also, how the hell do I create diminished chords?
well if you are comfortable with the pentatonic scale, and have pretty much used it up, you know so much that it is boring, you should look up the hopscotch method lesson 1 in the lessons section and look at all the other positions of the pentatonic scale, link them together and use all of those up as well. then when you have pretty much COMPLETELY used up the pentatonic sound, go into modes and work on them forever. they take a long time. it will be really helpful, especially since you can get so many different sounds from them. or if you are like a metal player start learning fast licks or something. there's tons of directions to go.,
^That is the minor pentatonic box position. You don't need to move it anywhere to make it minor (given that the root of the scale is the first note from that box...).

You should probably just run a search of "scales" in Musician Talk... you'll come up with a lot of information. Just read it all and digest.

You create a diminished chord by flattening the 3rd and the 5th.... C major is C-E-G, 1-3-5... So Cdim is C-Eb-Gb. This comes from basic chord construction theory, which is a bit ahead of where you appear to be regarding scales.

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As far as I know a diminished triad is: 1 b3 b5.

Ah, sorry redwing: Anyway, on the subject - what would the formula for a dim7 chord be? 1 b3 b5 7?

Ah, found it - 1 b3 b5 6. Right?
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Well, 1 b3 b5 bb7. 6=bb7 technically, but you spell it as bb7. It's like the difference between Eb and D# and the like...

That's a fully diminished chord. A half-diminished chord, like the one formed from the locrian mode of the major scale, is 1 b3 b5 b7.
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