i just broke my finger and got it out of the bandeges and i can't get the «feeling» back when i play. it's like there is somthing missing. is there some sort of excercise i can do to reajust myself or do i just keep playing and it will come back by it's self?

any help will be appreciated.
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really just do the old scales all over again

yea thats all my help
and start out slow
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ya just play a bunch but dont over do it i sliced my finger and needed stitches but its almost as good as now now so ya ..
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you probably lost a good bit of the muscle strength in that finger while it was healing, so basically you'll have to build it back. don't worry though, because you still have the muscle memory, and should be back up to speed in no time--and you have the left side of your brain to thank for that.