Im on a $200 budget and i need to know some good mods for a Strat. Im already getting a new neck and paint, so take that out of 200(cause i dont know how much a new neck and paint will cost).So any ideas? Plz post links if u can.
incubus_SCIENCE is the best new mod, but sonixon is cool, too

maybe new pickups. or changing the hardware to black or something.
a new neck thats better then what came on it is going to drain most of the 200 bucks unless you get lucky on ebay or somthin...other then that maybe try some new pickups
will i have to do any modifications if i switch from a 22 to a 24 fret neck?
yeah youll have to change the scale length which involves taking off the bridge and moving it back which on a strat will require more work then you wanna do
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