How would I get that? Judge has a similar tone.
Ive been ****ing around with my amp and I havnt been able to get it.
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I dont listen to them really but my advice would be use the bridge pickup (if you have a two pickup bass). Then on you amp back the highs off, add quite a bit of low end, and add just a little mid (If your bass has a pre amp do this on it to). This should shape it fairly well. Oh yeah, and if you use a thick/stiff pick really aggresivly i think you can add a percussive quality to your tone which would make it even better. I dabble in this genre and I think this stuff will work well for you.
its not in that thread. Please don't tell people to search when searching turns up no answers.

That thread is not an official nor an only thread. So don't link to it like it were one.
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