i have a ibanez 10 g or 10 wat amp and i was wondering if anybody no all the effects on it or show mea link to an effect page that shows me how to put effects like metal or insane
for a good many years I used an Arion Metal Master pedal into a cheap ass forget the brand name amp, and at home for practcing Id unplug the ****ty stock 12" speaker and hook up a Jensen Triaxle car stereo speaker instead. It had unbelievable distortion and wicked tone at low volumes only that is.
Turn up the gain for more distortion. Your amp has no built in effects. Metal and Insane aren't effects. Since you talk about insane as an effect, I'm guessing your thinking of the Insane setting on Line 6 amps. That's a certain distortion preset built it into their amps, which isn't an effect.
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yea my friend has a line 6 amp but does anyo one now watthe settings for mcrmy chemical or sysytem of a down