I have an "Original Floyd Rose Double Locking Tremolo" and it turns out the metal used for the locking nut is pretty soft and when i was tightening it (to lock my strings in) the metal stripped. Now, i can't loosen it to tune my guitar at all. So, now i am wondering, is it ok if i say screw the locking nut and get rid of it and just get a regular nut, but still keep the bridge the way it is?
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It's possible I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you could.

Edit: you might also want to block of your trem as well if you decide to do this with either a block of wood or this no-tremolo (I might have the name completely wrong) thing I've been hearing about on here.

2nd Edit: It's called Tremol-no
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You can, it wont stay in tune as good as the locking nut.
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Can you replace the locking nut? Just wondering.
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Of course you can replace it. Just buy a new one, screw the old one off, and screw the new one on.
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