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Cutting off your balls and riding and escalator until you enjoy it

She told me that you've never seen the city
until you've looked a thousand miles down,
falling without a safety chute.
That you've never enjoyed the view
until you've chained yourself to an escalator
and rode it without shoes until you enjoyed it.
She said you've never loved until you've
painted your own picture on a postcard
only to mail it to the wrong address.

She's been sitting in a metal highchair
staring at the sunset without ever being
able to see it rise because shes plastered.
Scoused into sinking cement and malleable
metal thats always being fashioned and changed.

She said I will never strive
until I've stared at the same sunset forgetting
the general rules of society and forgiving
the bottle of beer and package of cigarettes
that sweetened the snatches of a million girls.
She said I will never live,
until I've bought a metal highchair,
and sweetened the snatch of the sunrise,
with her.

A ceramic entity,
Passive and placid
Restrained by a cord,
An umbilical seperation
I've been waiting so long,
For a bond, a brother to love

Judas kissed your neck,
And told you not to fret

Another cracked halo,
Splitting at the seams
One last resonant tear,
Tranquility ensues

Your life, your noose, your umbra

Emitting unfathomable words
Assuring me of your cascade
I wish I could have met you,
In the flesh
A faded heir,
Leon now,
Lies still
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