Hey folks, what are your favourite sounds tones from any guitarist?. Maybe more relevant than who is the best ever and all that bull:-

My favs:-

Eric Johnson (always the toneking!)
Michael Ammot (Carcass) Heartwork era
Suicidal Tencences Art of Rebellion era
Kirk Hammett
Jimmy Page
Slayer(both the Guitars hav a really cool tone)
Alexi Laiho
Jeff Loomis

for my original stuff i use a tone similar to metallica's tone but not the same..it's a bit more trebly and has more mid frequencies in it and i use more distortion.
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larry lalonde
slipknot, MFKR era
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Santana, Brian May, Slash, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Iron Maidens tone on DOD and BNW.
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Dimebag Darrel
John Petrucci
Yngwie Malmsteen
David Gilmour
buddy guy
eddie van halen (early)
jimmy page (dazed and confused especially)
bb king
muddy waters
albert king
elvin bishop

the list goes on and on and on
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Brian May, hands down. No two ways about it. Especially in the solo for 'Don't Stop Me Now' and the lead riff for 'Let Me Entertain You' (The latter being primarily in the We Will Rock You DVD with Freddy).

EDIT - I have GOTTA give props for Eric Johnson. His tone isn't my favorite, but it's about ****ing flawless. I don't know why it isn't. It's just something about Brian May's that makes it more catchy no matter what you're playing.
stevie ray for blues and michael romeo distortion for metal