gay...i have random conversations...and i have add...purposful random isnt random,nor funny....sry...if i could understand most of it i might consider it funny...
What new friends will the day bring?

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A: **** man, uh Joe just figured out that I ****ed his wife and he's totally pissed.
B: Oh that sucks.
A: And um, I was wondering what should I do. And hes totally pissed and I dont know what to say and hes totally pissed. Yeaaaaaaah. Like what do I do?
B: Like What do you do? Like what you say to him?
A: Thats likr good advice. But see Joe is completely pissed (yeah yeah) (I I I )
B: I didnt say anything. I didnt give you any advice.
A: Thats cool man.
B: I didnt give you any advice.
A: Mmm okay.