The singing isn't very on key (gotta work on them higher notes, you go low a lot when you shouldn't) , but you have a really enjoyable voice never the less. It needs polish but singing and guitar playing is tough. You may get some bad reviews on this, but I think you did pretty good.
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well? this is interesting, the verses were ok to good, but the chorus i didnt like at all. But if you were trying to add a different feel to it, then i guess its ok, its just that the original is awesome the way it is and i think it should be done like that, but your version is alright, you do have a good vvoice way better than my, your is easier to listen to, but i think you should do the guitar in one take, the record your vocals over the guitar, the quality wasnt bad. would you mind checking out my cover of this song

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Your voice goes flat every now and then, guitar was good tho
Just gotta work on them vocals a bit.
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