This is an easy punk riff that i made up. Play it pretty fast with medium distorion.
q= quarter note, e=eighth note, h=half note

          qq qq qq qq qq qq qq qq qq eeee h 
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let me get my guitar and test this baby out!
mmm punk music
EDIT: i like the ending part, but thats it
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^same for me
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some guy today was all like, " ahah dude likez OMG you wanna see ma HUGE SAUSAGGE??? likez ZOMG its tEH biggest EVER! " And i was all like, no dude show me your DICK
I'm with zeppelin on this one...I don't really like punk (well todays punk rock)

But it feels kinda weak and that little 22 44 2420 thing is probably where the gay part came in to play...

(BTW I did play it and tried to give it a chance but...nah)
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if you dont like punk then why did you need to comment
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your avatar rules
i was worried it would sound sorta gay but i agree with danzig if u dont like punk u dont need 2 comment
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