I've heard good things about these attenuators here and there around UG but I couldn't dig up any thread dedicated to these attenuators? I've also heard good things about THD Hotplates but they're a bit pricey. How do the Webers compare to the Hotplates? IIRC, I heard that the Weber tone loss is minimal.. but I forgot what information was on the THD in that same thread. Anyway, the Ted Weber Minimass Attenuator 50w is $100 while the THD's ~300$, 200$+ on ebay.. and THD's have different models for different ohms while the Minimass works on just about anything (it has 4, 8, 16 ohm switches on the model)[https://weberspeakerscom.secure.powweb.com/weber/minimass.htm Minimass]. Besides looks, what advantages does the THD have over the Weber?

Also, if I bought an attenuator, it'd be going on my XXX 40 EFX for now. And.. the atten is supposed to go between the amp and speaker.. but the amp->speakers don't have a convenient jack that allows me to simply plug something inbetween the two. Instead, I see both the wires from the speaker running into the main .. box that contains the circuitry and I'm unsure how I'd go about opening it up and fiddling with it so I'd be able to fit the attenuator. Anyway.. anyone know how I'd be doing this? Also, because I'm too lazy to look and since I'm posting anyway, would doing any of this void my warranty?

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The Mass attenuators from weber are supposed to have minimal tone loss since it uses a speaker driver instead of a resistor load.

Just make sure that the attenuator you get can handle 200% the output of your amp. So if you have a 50w amp, get a 100w attenuator.

And if you don't have a speaker out jack, then if you really wanted an attenuator, you'd have to splice on a 1/4 cable, or use some sort of adapter, then plug the speaker into the attenuator.

Although, I'm pretty sure all attenuators suck tone out of your amp.
Yeah I was curious about 200% issue too, but I emailed Mr. Weber about it

My Question:
And would a Minimass be enough for my 40watt all tube XXX,
or would I want to maybe go with a MASS Lite?

His response:
The 50 watt MiniMASS will handle it.

Thanks for the warning though, greenbox. The thing is that I don't know if I have a speaker out since the wires go into the circuitbox and taking it apart would be a major hassle and possible danger for my amp. I suppose if I don't find out, and/or am not willing to open up my amp, I'd splice a 1/4 cable in, so I'll look into that. Thanks
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Calm down.

I'm not saying it again.