I have a guitar that is stripped off all of the electronics except for some pickups that have the wires hacked off and a pickup selector that is in horrid condition.

What are the electronics a Les Paul Copy with two tone knobs and two volume knobs would need to be in working condition?
stuart macdonald has kits for people with all different guitars, just go there and find a wiring kit for a les paul (its eaiser and cheaper then buying all the parts seprate)
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I doubt the kit would be cheaper, especially on stew-mac. Theyre rip-offs.

Youll need...

4 Pots
3-way switch
round 3 ft. red and white wire

Thats schematic should help ya out... ignore the red and white wires, most likely your "green" will be red, and your black will be white, and u wont have the white, red, and bare. Other than that, its shown the right way.