Ive heard many downloaded songs where people upload/download songs on their computer and is recorded. Just wondering if there is any program free of download that could be download to record songs from purevolume or any music site for that matter. Like I guess to record audio in a mp3 format or any play back format thats simply being played on the computer.
i have done this many times if i know what your talking about.

so you found a sweet band but you can't DL there tracks, so you want to record them of purevolume?
Open up your recording software. If you're able to chose an input source, select Stero Mix or What You Hear as the input source. If not, then you can do it by opening the Volume control panel from the system tray next to the system time on the start bar. Open it up. Click on Options->Properties. Adjust volume for Recording. Make sure either Stereo mix or What You Hear is checked, and then click ok. The screen should reload instantly with your input options. By default, the microphone should be checked. Check Stereo Mix or What You Hear. Try recording with your program now while listening to a song on purevolume. Just watch your levels and you should be fine!
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