I have an IBZ10 Bass Amp and i know its not the best or anything, so i was planning on getting a new guitar amp but my friend today told me that i dont have to get anew guitar amp, since im still mainly playing bass, i have an Ibanez GAX30 by the way but anyway my friend told me i coudl just set up a distortion pedal, he did the same thing with a similar amp and i heard it play it sounded awesome i can get good cleans outta that amp so would this save me money or should i just get a guitar amp i need a better bass amp so iw as thinkin of gettin that and if yes, what pedal?
Ibanez GSR190 Bass
Ibanez IBZ10B amp

Ibanez GAX30
Boss DS-1 Distortion
First decide what instrument your playing, then guitar questions can go in here, bass in the bass forum and pedals in the GG&A forum, closed!