May sound a little cheesy, but I like it. Nice and bouncy.

EDIT: Check for update below
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Well, it's good. It's actually pretty good, i don't like bars 11 & 12, though. They don't seem to flow as well as everything else.
Sound like a rhythm I've heard in rap song or whatever, which I quite liked to be honest
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This is the kind of song I would hear when I get busted and I'm sitting in the back of a popo car. It flowed pretty well, except I, personally, would do away with the fast triplet in measure 7 and maybe make it sixteenth notes. Other than that I think it's pretty cool so far. Good job.
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pretty cool, has a funky vibe, i liked it, my head kinda just started nudging to the rhyhtym, lol, anyways, great song, i like the triplet in measure 7 in kinda added a little thing you would have not expected, great song, crit mine if you get a chance please, thanks!
Updated. I added a solo section, but I want to know if it breaks the song up too much.

EDIT: Thanks for the comments
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That sounded really awesome.
I love the main theme. It sounded so random and cool.
The solo section was awesome. The solo itself was simply amazing. Every note sounded beautiful. A very beautiful melody. The rhythm complimented the melody well, also.

Overall, I friggen love it. It sounds so awesome.

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That is one of the coolest sounding PTBs I've heard on this site. The main riff was awesome. It all flowed brilliantly, especially the solo. It fitted perfectly in with the rest of the song. Great work
sounds very latin. and awesome. i can just hear the recording...pretty quiet the whole time...and then the solo knocks the door from the hinges, kicks your ass, and then it goes quiet again. very well composed
Sweet. amazing solo great main riff. doesn't get boring at all. only thing I would say to try and make it a little longer.

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I agree with Schecter86 it has This Reall kool Funky Vibe to it It would be fun to play live The Chords sounded good with the Lead over all good job...I would like to see more added to it.
I really like the kinda funky sound to it, dont really hear that many people posting stuff like that, quite an original piece, good work.
that was again great and funky

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