hello everyone.

I am relatively new to guitar and I was just wondering what are the first hings i should learn. can you please tell me if this is the wrong forum to be posting in.

^^ not necisarily some ppl can teach themselves and it will save you a lot of money but idk what to tell u i play bass and guitar i started off learning a few scales and playin songs i like untill i got better and better
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chords and scales, try to learn by yourself too...i found i learned a lot more that way, then when ur more experianced you can go to lessons....also the main thing is dont get discouraged if you dont sound good right away, always keep playing youll get better
lessons can be good some people learn better that way, some dont, joe satriani was self taught its not a bad thing
yea i was just wondering, should i get some books to lean from, read the lessons on here, what should i do, how did you guys do it
i tell you what i wish somebody told me when i started....use your pinky as much as possible
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read the lessons on here and also get some theory books and music books. first thing you wanna learn are basic penatonic scales and the basic chord shapes
GET THE BOOK GUITAR GRIMOIRE, by adam kadmon, the greatest book ever, ive had countless offers to be in bands, because of it, also , learn alternate picking, but this book, after u learn basic ****, and u wanna get SERIUSLY GOOD, get that book, u can memorize a couple things, and then u can know basically everything there is to know about notes and the guitar fretboard. DUDE, im not kidding, the greatest book ive ever bought that wasnt porno, and let me tell you dude, I could basically blow anybody off the radio, like on classic rock stations, also, if u get a new guitar, and ur into shred, get a low profile guitar like jackson or ibanez, or esp, cause its a whole new guitar playing experience that way. oh well take my advice or not, i kow what im talking aobut and any body question me, and i'll answer you with everything i know, oh well man, HEED MY ADVICE< AND GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN, well happy hunting and practice, hard, and dont practice ur mistakes PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!
I never understood why people say learn chord shapes and scales first, at least with rock guitar. Normally when you get a guitar, you want to be able to play something you know and love, not get into something boring that you dont know what to do with. Plus its just a lot harder to form chords and learn scales when you can barely use more than two fingers. Yea, you will get better a lot faster, but you will also get bored a lot faster and quit. Whenever a friend decides to learn guitar/bass/drums, I always tell them to not care about scales/chords/lessons, and just try imatating stuff they like, try playing along with a song while looking at the tabs. When they get it down, it actually feels like they accomplished something and have something to brag about to their friends, instead of something boring that they dont think is fun. I know its really important to learn scales and chords, but I have been playing for 2 years, and only learned chords and scales in january or so, and I learned a hell of a lot faster than my friend who takes lessons and learned them first, and I actually know how to use them, unlike he does.

Simple answer: play stuff you know. When you can use your ring and pinky, try learning basic chords and a scale or two. It keeps you interested in getting better.
i am the bled is my friend and is sitting right next to me. he is refusing to take any help from anyone and thats why he has posted on here. he wants to learn by himself and just wants to know how he should go about it. he says hes into pop-punk, punk, metal, heavy metal and hardcore. he wants to learn how to solo and shred and generally be a great metal guitarist.
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first learn open chords then learn songs. like intros to songs or whatever. play anything that you like and then you can show off to your friends. you will learn something new from each song whether it be hammer ons and pull offs or barre chords or power chords all the way to alternate picking. after you get used to the guitar and get good at the skills after like 6 or 7 months learn some scales (i suggest you start with pentatonic) so you can start soloing. then its all downhill from there
first...u should learn that u will never be as good as yngwie malmsteen and if u even try to play as great as him ur hands will burst into flames and when they heal from the 3rd degree burns u will have a scar that says YNGWIE WAS HERE!!!!!!!

or u could try to learn adams song by blink 182
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i taught myself for a year and a half before getting lessons,

Basically i started by teaching myself really simple riffs like Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones and Day tripper by the beatles.

Then i got into chords, and taught myself in a rythem guitar style by focussing on just chords, constantly pracitising chord changes till i got smooth in them, from learing riffs, i started teaching myslef the chords to full songs starting on Wonderwall by Oasis,

i very slowly got better overtime, then i wanted to improve my technique etc so i learnt my scales,

after a year and a half i got to a fairly competant intimediate level.. i could play songs like tears in heaven, black dog and blackbird. But there would be points in time where i'd just hit a brick wall and couldnt seem to improve, so i decided to get guitar lessons and every week i get better now.

I highly recomend you teach yourself the basics and then get a classically trained teacher and learn classical music if you get a classical teacher and let him teach you fingerpicking classical songs, or blues songs your technique will go through the roof and you'll be suprised at how easily you can teach yourself the songs you wanna learn.
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When I first started I got some noob guitar+amp starter kit, which I guess are okay if your new. I taught myself through online lessons, some DVD that came with the kit, and tabs. I had like 2 lessons, I didn't have a good teacher.
dont worry about paying for any books, www.cyberfret.com is a ****ing brilliant resource.

Also learn EVERYTHING on an acoustic and once you can play the songs well on a acoustic move to an electric and you'll be amazed how easy those songs become.
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Hammer ons, Pull offs, string muting, scales, basic exercizes, bending, alternate picking. Just a small part of a long list of things. It's only wrong to post here with unrelated questions, so you're safe. Allways have your guitar in tune before you play. Get a tuner. Use all 4 fingers when you play. Practice proper technique. Learn theory. Relax. I reccomend a teacher. They're people who can answer most questions. They are really helpful, because you pay them to be.