who is in the northwest ?
of those people, who is stoked for bumbershoot ?!?
of those people, who is stoked that the new pornographers were added?!?!?!?!?

i'm pretty excited, to be honest. the new pornos, p:ano, mates of state, kanye, vashti... twill be good.
i love bumbershoot

i went every day last year best 55 dollars i have ever spent

now that i have job i might not be able to go every day but i am going to do my best

looking forward to Kayne, Atmosphere, Common Market, The Blood Brothers, The Fall of Troy, AFI, Blue Scholars, mewithoutYou

now its 80 dollars for only 3 days witch sucks friday was the best day no people
I saw an add for this in a magazine. They have some cool bands, but also some crappy bands. There is a big contrast in genres (AFI and Deerhoof?). It seems strange. At any rate, have fun, Noise, and bring back pictures!
they don't care about genres at all at bumbershoot

last year i saw the locust and elvis costello on the same day
yeah i am going to that i don't know most the bands but i am going to go both days

plus my brithday is on the 29th big old 17

mmm i didn't know neon blonde was playing