Well, here's a song I've been workin' on. Thought it up earlier today. So far I have the intro and verse. Two guitars and a bass, might add in some drums at some point.
Random Song.zip
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really heavy. I like the guitar riff in the beginning, even though I'm not a real fan of any other tunings than standard.

Keep working on it, it sounds cool so far.
I like the sheer force behind the first riff, when you shut off the second guitar it loses alot of that body though, try to have the second in there so it doesn't sound so naked. I also think you did a really good job with the last part of it, where that lead melody. Awsome job man. Keap at it, and be sure to post up your final version. I'd recomend you continue to experiment and add some more active riffing. Drums wouldn't hurt once you are done.
Ok I just added basically the rest of the song. I might move some stuff around, but these are the riffs I'm using. So this is essentially the final, though I'll probably add in drums. So, check it out please.

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cool, thanks, i like it, the beginning with the trills, they seem a bit crammed in, imo, but other than that really cool you should finish it, then post it, crit any mine if you want, thanks!!!

Well anyway, I updated it again with drums. It's just a general idea of the drum part as I don't play drums so I'll have my brother play it the way he prefers and maybe I'll update it again with his version.
the drums are cool, when the trills come in on the begininng, try making the double bass pedal do it along with the guitar, that would be cool imo, but the drums are pretty cool, the trills arent so bad as i thought they were last time, lol, cool song!
Well I tried it just now and it sounds ok, but my brother doesn't have a double pedal. Thanks for the idea and for the crit!
well, like when the trills come in, kinda have just the bass pedal and the lead going, and then burst threw after that part the with the rhythm, bass, and drums again, that would sound pretty cool,
So basically shut out the bass and drums during them, and when it goes back to the main riff, throw them back in?
I tried it and it actually sounds kinda weird. I think I'd need a riff with more tension or something to get something like that to work.
That was some good guitar work here. The bass part seemed to be a little too basic, in not playing up to speed with the guitar in some parts. The drums just didn't really help that much, not much happening except snare and bass.
From bar 43, it started to sound like a punk riff, until the second guitar came in, I liked it.

Nice work and good job.

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Well, about the drums, like I said, it's just a general idea I'm waiting for an actual drummer to spice up when I find one.