Song 1...guitar is out of tune? The intro? Maybe it's just me.

Great song anyway.
Critting song 2.

Nice acoustic tone, it has a nice 'chillax' feel about it
A good base to work on.
Really cool intro. I like this kind of sadness in this song. The second guitar is good. I'll load to my MP3 Player. Nice effect you've put on the second guitar. This song got a really sad atmosphere(like I said I like this kind of sadness in songs) and I think that was your desired effect.....

here's mine




Great Job man ! Cool song and ****ing cool sad atmosphere and the atmosphere is the important thing in the song I think
Hey, that's nice, I like it.
I think, that at the end, the rhythm guitar kinda goes out of rhythm a little bit. DO NOT turn this into a non-acoustic song. Are you planning on putting lyrics with it or will you leave it as an instrumental?
Anyway, nice flow, the whole song sounds quite personal, though it's without lyrics. Great job.
oh man this is good.....that 2nd guitar is just awesome.....1st guitar riff is so cool, but as owned said, the one string does sound a bit weird (the G string i think), its very weird coz my electric has the same problem, my G always sounds crap.....ow man, but when that 2nd guitar kicks in, its just beautiful.....great work.

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This first song is very cool, I am loving the intro it does sound kinda out of tune as someone said, but i think this sounds very chili peppers like and thats not a bad thing at all, especially the begining it actually reminded me of one thier songs or like a mix of thier songs, i think its a great start to a song man, expand on it, and i think you might have a hit man, keep it up.

heres mine if you want to crit

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Song 1- Good when it gets going, the second guitar is great, ah so short?, I was enjoying that, are you going to make it longer? or w/vocals?
Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!
Hmm... Sounds like the acoustic guitar is a bit out of tune in the Song 1. This kinda nice and relaxing. Work more on the lead guitar, though. It sounded a bit boring.

Not much to say about the Song 2... Try combining these two songs.

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