Blood bathed by the thoughts of all perfection, dead government from the skin of the infection. Burnout teens and the sl*ts of steriotype, matted in her hair, the blood is fresh and ripe.

A taste, of, imperfection. A life once lost to a dead election, To care, to try, to be, to die, to burn, in hell, I'm doing, well!

The bath of blood and the lord of war, The king of drugs and the queen or wh*res. The communist of free and the god of sodomy. Segregation in everyday life, sh*t on my d*ck or blood on my knife.

A taste, of, imperfection, a life once lost in a dead election, to breath, to bleed, to cry, to die, to burn in heaven, lucky, 7
good song overall - a few forced rymes though, and (it is a song right?) perhaps put it in stanza form? cool overall though, nice wording. Crit for crit? (my "love is only skin deep" its on page 3... lol :P)