My girlfriend just suggested I turn the vocals' volume down some, so I guess I'll do that, but what else do you suggest?
One of my favorite Beatles songs.

This sounded really good. The vocals weren't bad - not top notch, mind you, but for the most part they were pretty good. Occasionally you could hear you breath into the microphone when you were singing, but it wasn't too bothersome.

The guitar sounded good, and overall this was a good cover.
Yeah, same, it was one of those covers that I actually listened to the entire thing, and enjoyed it. I also think maybe the vocals could use some more treble but really if you just sing further away from the mic it will give you a more clear sound with lest distortion. You can always turn the vocals up or down anyways.

9/10 (Everything perfect except for vocals, but I think they were great, just not perfect
Ok, I've uploaded a new version with the volume levels adjusted. The vocals have also been fine tuned a bit more, mainly with the reverb being turned down. Let me know what you think.
pretty nice job man your singing could use some work but the guitar was good. i liked how you had the claves in the background.
Nice - its true the vocals aren't brill, but they are still very respectable and that is quite a high song to sing. I loved the guitar sound though and I would make the clicks of the wooden sticks slightly louder, but otherwise very cool.
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That was good stuff... good recording quality, clean instrumentation, good vocals. Enjoyed the middle riff interlude, nice and clean, just how it should be. Perhaps the vocals could do with some work, but it's not a big problem, just something that'll come with practice. Certainly great potential in it... good job!

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great apart from the vocals could of ben a bit more bassier/les treblier O_o
I redid the vocals for this, and would appreciate any comments on them. Thanks.
You sound suprisingly like Kermit. Other than that, good job.
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