anyone have any tips on starting/organizing a band? and then finding somewhere to practice? i just cant think of anything than go to people i know that play and say hey wanna be in a band? thanks in advance. and please no flaming
Wrong board...head over to musician talk, then the bandleading board. They'll be of much more help to you.

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Look for people who play.....ask them to meet up and jam......try jammin a few times, and you will either click or not. Share your musical tastes, and don't be afraid to branch out.

Also, when in a band, don't be afraid to learn each others instruments. Since I've been with my band, I've learned each instrument very well, and it has affected me very positively as both a guitarist and musician.
well...i meet my guitarist...we hanged out..played a tiny but of guitar...and talked...we explained that guitar is the best thing like..ever...me and him clicked like crazy..we jammed for a few weeks...

then met a drummer...we jammed..found out we were pretty damn metla...beside our looks.(lmfao)...then ...we made a song...a really kick ass one..worked on a few more....
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