Well I don't like this kind of music and I heard some good metal music in UG. But that's not so good. But hey that's just me. If you like this kind of music then have a go. Ok here's my reason why I don't like this song:

I don't hope that you think that's good singing. That's just screaming ****. sorry but that's a fact. That's something you could change. Or the one who sings.

Well the guitar playing wasn't bad at all. Some parts were very cool.....the little solo in the end wasn't bad.

And sorry about the question but who played the drums? A butcher?

I hate it to give people a bad crit....you can give me a bad crit back if you want....but that's your decision.

I would slow down when I were you. The song is not bad but it's not good too. You should work on the singing and on the drum playing. In the song there was no atmosphere which I think is very important in the song. The guitar playing was cool like I said.....
But that's just me.....that's not the music style I like.

Think about it

crit for crit?

here's mine



Do you know what I know?
How could I know?
Cause I already said you what I know?
Did you?
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