Well, I was looking at these two guitars and I can't decide on which one to get. I know the Agile 3000 and higher models are better but they only colors that rondomusic has is just a bland yellow color, which doesnt look very attractive to me. I saw the thread comparing a gibson and an agile, but it didnt really help me decide on which to get. Anyways, I was looking at these two guitars:


i would still take the agile over the epi. since its got an all mahogany body and just replace most of the hardware
I would go with The Epiphone myself. I have one, and I enjoy it very much.

I've heard lots of negative things about Agiles..

It's all personal preference. But I suppose, you'd have a hard time trying out an Agile..
^Yeah, just like he said. It's all personal preference. Some buy an Agile based on the hype and love the hell out of them or hate them, some buy an Epiphone after playing one and falling in love or settle for it and wonder if they should have went with an Agile.

I personally prefer Agiles, but I wouldn't buy any lower than an AL2800 model.