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john frusciante
7 70%
anthony kiedis
3 30%
Voters: 10.
alright, i want to see who thinks who is better at singing, not pulling off the chilis vibe, but actually singing. check out some john frusciante solo stuff, check out some beautiful anthony kiedis material and tell me what you think.
Frusciante hands down, anyone who says different have never heard the chilis or Frusciantes solowork.
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Ummm...are we overlooking the chemistry between the two here??? They are both amazing, but they need each other to truly fulfill their potential. Why would you compare them?
well frusciante is better and on dani california he appears to do the high middle section on his own live from what i saw of the BBC3 concert thing and frusciantes solo stuff is superior to about 90% of Stadium Arcadium
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Well id rather listen to Kiedis than Frusciante but not because hes a better singer. so Frusciante is a better singer but Kiedis has the whole Lead singer vibe going.
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Who was that guy playing guitar in the UNder the Bridge film clip?

None other than Frusciante, if you're talking about the official video.
You're solid gold. I'll see you in hell.