So I've been dead set on getting some new pickups for my Ibanez SZ720 for a little while now + locking tuners, in fact I was probably going to go buy those today (it's 5 am here ) then a thread over in bandleading made me remember how much I'm craving a new acoustic...and then I thought about the the keyboard I'm currently using in my band...suffice to say, I'm having a bit of crisis.

The SZ will be seeing a ton of use this summer, including a few gigs. I'll definitly be getting the locking tuners, but I'm reconsindering new pups. The guitar sounds pretty good as it is, and I think I may get a lot more value out of one of the other choices.

As for the acoustic thing...I love acoustic guitar, but all I have is an awful POS classical made in China with a plastic fretboard. I'd been thinking of getting an acoustic-electric a couple months back but the whole idea kinda came back to me tongiht and I have a sudden lust to have a fine acoustic in my hands.

Further complicating the issue...I've just taken on the role of keyboardist in a friend's band, and to put it simply, my current keyboard sounds like **** and doesn't even have adjustable patches. I'm not exactly 100% committed to this band (yet), but it would be very nice to have a good keyboard, espescially so as the band will be gigging soon. Of the three, the keybaord is probably the purchase that is most pressing, but I don't particularly crave a new keyboard.

So I can invest in upgrading the SZ, so as to make a quality instrument even better, but it already sounds pretty good, and since pickups are really an "icing on the cake" upgrade, probably not an immediate necessity. I could buy an acoustic guitar, which unlike the other two options will not see any immediate band use, but which I would dearly love, or I could buy a good keyboard (probably a Roland Juno-D) which would benefit not just me but my band as a whole, and would probably also be a very good investment since I would like to become an actual keyboard player (keyboardist?).

I'm currently leaning towards the acoustic, but it's far too late for rational thought. Your thoughts on my little crisis, anyone?

Oh, and the whole problem really arises from the fact that I only have about 500$ to spend.
I will show you something different from either
Your shadow in the morning striding behind you
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I will show you fear in a handful of dust
well ur getting the locking trem. so really its either a keyboard or an acoustic. i want a new acoustic guitar personaly saying i have a starter packaged squire acoustic that blows. and i love a good acoustic sound.
get the keyboard mate. its going to further your sight reading ability and your ability to keep in time playing to a metronome.