Ok so this vocals in this are just me messing around, i have lyrics written on paper and i sang them not really sing but you will see, thats just the basic melody i guess, you dont have to crit the vox really, but i would appreciate more focus on the music right now, when i really get to the vox i will repost it, but nonetheless here it is. crit for crit leave links

link in sig
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
sorry man but this needs some work.
The singing was a little weird, as you mentioned, but it got better towards the end.
The guitar could use some work to make the song more exciting.
Try to add some arpegios or something to break up the song.
The solo is a nice touch, but should be longer.
Not bad, but nothing too exciting.
Sorry for not critting right away. I was abroad.
Anyway lets focus on the song , i will crit while listening .
The acoustic guitar is preety decent , though the style reminds me a country song , the vocals need work .
the solo on 1:32 was sweet , though the vocal line is repetitive , you should have put a chorus with 2 guitars and intense playing or smth.
anyway , the song was good , the vocals 8/10 , and the solo was great .
overall very good , 9/10.

P.S. thanks for critting my song.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
I like the laid back guitar parts but you may want to work on the singing abit. Another track could be used over the rythem to make it better. Id extend your singing arrange more. Try and hit those higher notes with more emotion. But yeah the guitar is nice and I enjoyed the solo. Just mix it up abit, like i said work on the vox and maybe throw in another track. Other then that pretty good.

Heres my song: