Im thinking of upgrading my Mexican Fender Strat to get a more suitable guitar for metal and rock but one that also has a good clean tone and is versatile.

I have been looking at some Gibson SG's and I'd like to know if they can cut it for "Metallica like" Metal (I know they aren't the guitars they use but I'm not sure I want to get a full on, 100% metal orientated guitar).

Also If I decided to go with an SG, which SG should I get? Standards are a bit out of my price range, so I narrrowed it down to a Special or a Menace. If anyone has a Menace or has played one, is it hard to play without the dotted or pearloid inlays as it only has a brass nuckle inlay on the 5th fret. Also the Menace has different pickups to the rest of the SG's, are they any good and how do they differ to the pickups on the other SG's?

I have a Behringer GMX210 amp (which I have been told is a heavy metal amp) and it allows my single coil strat to be able to get an alright metal sound, but a bit too bright so I definitely want a guitar with humbuckers.

I mainly play Metallica, System of a Down, Nirvana, Dire Straights, Wolfmother, ACDC, Black Sabbath, anything really. Sorry about the long post, I could have split it up and put it in seperate threads but I thought putting it in one thread was better
ummmm how much you wiling to spend? and your most likely going to need to have your amp replaced
its not the best and you could get a tube amp that would handle better metal sounds. i mean look at the bands you wanna replicate most used tube amps