are there guitars left still with the edge tremolo?

i'm particularly looking for 7 string guitars now with edge tremolo.
i find the tremolo pretty much the thing for creating weird sounds.

are there 7 string guitars with the edge trem?
make sure its an Edge Pro and not an Edge III, Edge III's dont stay in tune at all
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I just played the K7 yesterday, it was very nice, I liked the U bar tremolo arm and the nice, 5-piece neck. Wasn't worth the $1500 though.
yeh those are pretty much the only 7 strings with the edge pro trem unless you want some others which you probably cant get
what i mean is i want the edge tremolo.. no pro attached in the name.
or can i just purchase a 7 string guitar and change the bridge?
oh sorry. um sorry cant help you out there should wait for madpickin03 as he knows alot about Ibanez models.