I've been looking to get one for a while, and I started looking and came to these two interfaces:

Behringer FCA202


this M-Audio interface

Now, I already own the equipment necessary for plugging stuff up (I have a mixer, sonic maximizer, gt-8 etc to plug guitars and multiple mics/instruments in). I am only looking to purchase a firewire interface because I hear they get much better quality than the line-in on a soundcard and you can travel with them.

What I want to know is if there is any difference between these two interfaces quality-wise? Is the M-Audio more expensive strictly because it allows multiple instruments, whereas the Behringer only has input/output? If there isn't any difference quality-wise, then the Behringer is perfect for me, because I'm only getting this for recording quality. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks a lot.
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I use the Behringer FCA202, it does what its suppose to for me. You have record up to two mono tracks simultaneously, or one stereo track at a time. You can also daisychain them together for more inputs. Quality wise, they both operate at up to 24-bit/96khz. With the M-Audio, you get more inputs/outputs.

So, pick whichever you think you will get the best or most use out of.
you say you have a mixer already. if thats the case, then the Behringer should be fine. you can just plug the outs on the mixer to the ins on the interface. with the m-audio you are also paying for the mic preamps and MIDI capabilities, as well as the other features you probably wont need with what you already have. or at least thats what i see from looking at the two anyway.
Just the info I needed, thanks. So the FCA202, gets good quality with distortion and effects and all? That's the main purpose of my getting one of these, with my soundcard any electric sounds horrid.