i want to spend less, so ive been looking around and theres several guitars that have caught my eye... an epi LP 100 for 350 cause it looks bitchin and its new. theres also a special for that shop that doesnt actually say its an epi straight forward on the headstock but says the shop's name in the paint gibson uses. then theres this ibanez with h/s/h Pups and 24 frets thats used for like 300 and perfect paint looked it up for more than 800... plays well too... then theres various other knock-off fenders and a few jacksons that sound okay for less than 400... which kind should i get? i really like the archtop look, but then something that will stand up for a while would be good. dont know reliability for epi electrics. help me please...?
basically low end epiphones = pretty crap hardware, realiability aint that great. and i think theyre bolt ons which ruins the theme of a Les Paul

the Ibanez model you talk about im not too sure could be a RG1570 Prestige in which case if it is buy it cos thats pretty much a steal considering all of the hard ware thats on the guitar.

and the knock-off Fenders theyre probably going to be Squiers i think and Jackson theyre pretty alright i just dont like their trems and their looks.

so what type of music do you play the most? as this determines what style of guitar your going to get
I have an Epi LP-100 which I use live, it's a tough little unit but you will most likely have to replace the pickup selector (Epi ones are dodgy) but everything else is quite solid. Mahogany body with Alder top and Mahogany neck, pups aren't anything amazing but for what you pay they aren't too bad.
LP-100 = crap compared to LP standard.

Do you hear that?

it's coming..........it's..........IT'S...................................................me telling you to get an Ibanez RG321. It's probably THE most recommended guitar around here.
Get an Ibanez SZ320, i hear good things about it

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Get an Epi LP Custom

stay away from the standard. The standard has a peice of cheap alder sandwiched in between two peices of mahogany.

The Epi LP Custom is all mahogany.
look at schecters, if you were looking at the les paul styles guitars check out the schecter S-1, their 499
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Go for the Ibanez.. Low end Epi's (LP-100, specials, etc.) arent too good.. and that Ibanez sounds mmmmm.. And if you say it played good, go for it!
have you tried identifying what Ibanez model it is. cos it may have a shoddy trem or a good trem
well i think a lot of this choice has to do with what type of music you are interested in. An Ibanez is good but mainly for metal, Shecters too...but a lot more has to do with you preference and the way the guitar feels..for me an Epi LP Standard did the trick as i play metal/metalcore/rock its good for everything but check these guitars




hope that helps a little
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lp 100 for 350$ You kidding me? That guitar is garbage....

Go for a Ibanez RG321MH , their about 280$ but their easily worth 500$.

mahogony body, wizard 2 neck, 24 frets, string thru, all the fret access in the world......

MIM strats are good too for that price range, but the 321mh is definatley a better buy.
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i like my fender mexican strat a lot, check them out. However, you gotta check out a few because some are better quality than others
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Stay away from the Epi LP-100. It's a beginner guitar-plain and simple. And they usually go for ~$200. $350 is a complete ripoff. Musician's Friend has the Epi Les Paul Standard in ebony for $380 and the Les Paul Standard Plain Top for $400. Either of those would be a MUCH better choice.

Also, look at Washburn guitars. The WI64 is $300 for the distressed version and it easily compares to guitars more than double the price. www.music123.com carries the WI64D (distressed version) for $300 with a deluxe gigbag. Look into it.
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