i wrote these two poems in a matter of a week i am no poet i always hated english in school. i never got the whole meassages etc... but when i wrote these i understood the whole reason why someone would write and read poetry. youll either enjoy these or hate them any opinion is appreciated even if they are negative.

The field

There I was, on the big wide field
Where the flowers grew
Picking, smelling and releasing
The flowers from the ground

Picking the petals
She loves me she loves me not I say
Letting them go
Flying and twirling in the air

Autumn is here and the seeds have been
Brining new life
The field is now empty of flowers
Covered in golden, crunchy leaves

Winter begins
The field is now white
Birds leaving footprints
But no there?s no flowers too find

Spring returns
And there is life on the field
Colourful and pretty flowers
Scattered on the green ground

Summer returns
And there is light and heat again
The insects come too pollinate
Making the circle of flowers return

Thoughts of a desperate man

There I sat upon the sand
A dark cold lonely sight
The cliffs eyes watched me
With evil, pain and spite

The wind was blowing through my hair
Howling and screaming in pain
Whistling and blowing at me
Trying to make me insane

The waves thundered through the water
Splashing crashing into me
Drowning in the ocean
Watching the clouds I loved too see.

please give opinon which you prefer suggestions of improving etc.... many thanks for reading them.