I'm having a "friendly" debate with my friend and we can't decide, who is better....

Jimi Hendrix


Eddie Van Halen

We can't figure it out so you can do it for us!

Post your replies, and then your top 5 guitarists of all time.

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1) Frank Zappa
i cant choose the rest.

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It's hard to choose, really. They both did different things, in different styles, in different times. It really depends on if you like raw speeding fast chops in a guitarist, or inventive skillage like Hendrix had. Well, that's not to say he didn't have chops. But, if I had to choose, Hendrix.
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2. threadstarter, you and your friend are both lame. just can't compare guitarist like that.
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Ok lets compare the two

Jimi Hendrix
Self Taught
Used a wah
Used feedback
Used an Octave Splitter
One handed tapping (not sure if it is called that)
Played with his teeth
Played behind his back

Eddie Van Halen
Two handed tapping
Used Harmonics (both real and pinch)
Used his vibrato very expressively
Designed the Drop D tuner

Whoever is better is definitely opinion. Personally, I prefer Hendrix, but EVH is a great guitarist also.

My top 5 is...
1) Jimi Hendrix
1) Buckethead
1) Stevie Ray Vaughan
1) Steve Vai
1) Joe Satriani

I like them all equally, so I numbered them equally.
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