Does anyone know of any Harmonising pedals for reasonable prices? maybe from the Boss range - they're usually good

I'm assuming they're called Harmonising pedals...or harmonisers or something...A pedal that will play say a third above me so I can get Thin Lizzy kinda sounds with just one guitar

Any ideas?
Yeah, such pedals do exist in the boss range, their called harmonists I think, but bad news, i'm 99% sure that boss stopped producing these pedals awhile ago the only way to really get your hands on one is to find it used. the only other way I know how to get one new is if you buy the boss me-50 effects board, I know it's included in that since I own one. and it's a solid board with tons of other effects a seriously excellent buy I must recomend.

but yeah, check the classifieds in your local paper/internet if you really want it
the super shifter by boss has a harmony mode but i dont think there is much variation in your harmonization