ok ive narrowed my choices down to 2 options:
Epi Les Paul Standard
Epi Les Paul Studio

which one is better?
I say this every day: epis sound very similar. They use the same wood, hardware and pickups for each guitar, so there won't be THAT much of a difference in tone.

However, it is said that Standard > studio, so I'd take that.

EDIT: a standard is built a lot more solidly than a studio, if you'd like to know.
ummm depending on where you live. you could probably squeeze in an Agile for the cost of one of those guitars. but i guess its whether you trust buying online. but with that said im going to have to go with the standard aswell
Played both when I was looking for an LP, the Standard felt better but they both sounded more or less the same. I ended up choosing a Crafter Constantine DX, which is pretty much a thinner-bodied Epi Standard for the price of a Studio.
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i went wt the studio, was just a cosmetic thing for me.
the binding on the standard does improve its durability. but its not like the studio's body is going to break in half.

honestly, wt stock pups, they sound pretty much the same.

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When I was looking to buy a guitar i was looking at the Epi Studio and I really liked it a lot but I ended up getting the SG but anyways... it is a blast to play. I can't really give you much on Standard but what my friend told me was that they are pretty much the same... and people who have posted to this thread say they are pretty much the same as well so i'd choose the studio my self.... What you could do is go to your local music store and ask for some help on choosing.
They just manage to sound alright, and the higher end ones sound ok, studios: careful, i might throw up
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