I am new to the effect pedal scene. The only pedals I own currently are a tuner and a Boss SD-1 for a little boost. I was wondering how the quality of Behringer pedals is. I notice that they are all pretty cheap. I also understand that they are plastic casing. This doesn't matter to me because I just step on the pedals, I never stomp on them. So my questions were:

How is the sound quality compared to Boss?

Is it possible to mod them all to True Bypass?

If so, how much would that cost for the parts?

Well, quality wise, Boss is actually pretty poor also, so Behringer isn't far behind. I hear for the money, they work, and don't do all that bad.

Modding them to true bypass isn't very easy from my knowledge, as it has the boss type switching mechanism. Keeley couldn't mod my SD-1 to trube bypass.....

If you want quality pedals and really really care about your tone, save and get some nice ones. You'll be happier in the long run.
I do care about my tone. Currently I can get basically any sound I need. I am in need of a delay, noise reducer and then maybe a chorus. The only one I would most likely be using live for the time being is the noise reducer. I play in a hardcore band so I don't really need effect for that. I more need them for at home use and maybe when I start another band a while down the road.
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Well, quality wise, Boss is actually pretty poor also,


Boss are pretty damn good pedals. There are better brands out there like Pete Cornish and stuff, but they cost an arm and a leg.
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I will tell you without a doubt that the Behringer noise reducer is more like a tone reducer. It actually add a buzzy noise to your signal. It works, and would probably work for band practice and **** to prevent feedback. But in a true noise-suppression application, it's terrible.

I've tried the Behringer digital delay as well, and it was similar. It degrades your tone audibly. The quality of the effects themselves are ok, especially for the price, but in all honestly, I couldn't recommend them if you're serious about sound.

And I've personally been using Boss pedals for about 16 years and IMO, they're great pedal. Yeah, they're not true bypass, but the signal coloration is so minimal and negilable (when the effect isn't enabled) that I'm sure 90% of people will never be able to tell the difference. And I too only use the Noise Suppressor live. All I use for effects are a Fender chromatic tuner pedal, an 808-modded Ibanez TS-5 (used as gain boost for low-volume playing at home), a Boss Super Chorus (for recording cleans), and a Boss NS-2. The NS-2 is the only pedal (other than tuner) that I use live.
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About Behringer pedals, anyone tried out their stompbox tuner? Is it buzzy? Does it color the tone that bad? I'm getting one, atleast for home use, but I wonder if they are any good at all live or if it's really worth the extra cash to buy a BOSS or Fender tuner instead, since it's like four times the price around here.
I have a Behringer Ultra Tremolo and while it may not be as good as Boss tremolo, it sure is a lot cheaper. Where I live, you can buy 4-5 Behringer pedals at the price of one Boss...Don´t get me wrong, I have a Boss OD-3 and it´s just the right for me, but the Behringer tremolo was worth the 20?, if you ask me..