Does anyone know what that star is called they use on their cd covers/ centre of their logo. Did they design it or is it somthing to do with whatever trey is into?
They designed it... it's an inverted pentagram with an upside-down cross and the sigil of one of the Watchers from all that Enochian mythology... can't remember with Watcher it is, though.
There are lots of meanings, and can be taken in many ways. It all depends if you're into esoterics or just along for the ride. I got it tattooed for multiple reasons; the Sigil of the Watchers, or better, Enki, the creator and divine entity, pentagram for symbolic elemental reasons according to Teutonic ancestry, and the inverted crusifix as a sign of disrespect to Judeo-Christianity/Jews for perversion of the old pagan Teutonic ways and the foul influence it all has on modern western occultism.

Morbid Angel may have similar reasons - I've read about Vincent from interviews and his lyrics that he is somewhat the same way inclined as my reasoning - or others. They're all pretty universal symbols and can be used in many contexts.