hi all
i am in the process of building a strat style guitar with S-S-S configuration but can't decide what pickup to put in the neck. previously when asking questions about pickups people on this forum have recommended seymour duncans, which i have tried and not been hugely impressed, and also swinesheads which i have yet to try. At the moment i already have a texas special as my middle pickup and a red lace sensor for my bridge, and was just wondering people's opinions on swineshead spotlights as a possible pickup for the neck bearing in mind i am not a big blues man, and play really anything hence the lace sensor (for distortion) and the texas special (for cleans), so am sort of after a good all round pickup which works well clean and distorted, and whilst i realise that may be asking a lot, if anyone can give me some kind of idea what they sound like before i spend £30 on them it would be great