Well me and my sister decided we wanted to play some pieces but she plays the violin which is not a conventional instrument i know for accompanying a guitar but if anyone knows any decent non-yellowcad or flogging molly violin stuff i could obtain a powertab for her i would be appreciative.
actually violin is fairly common accompaniment for guitar, i think evanescence has some songs (don't ask which ones) chances are if she's been playing for a little while she can read sheet music and can probably accompany virtually any guitar piece.
oh btw, i just thought of "something in the way" by nirvana the original recording uses a cello but i'm sure you could replace it with violin and it would sound good.
bush glycerine has some violin. good riddance by green day has violin in it as well. a lot of acoustic stuff has some violin on it, even if it isnt much. i like flogging molly tho, and i know you dont want to hear it, but play that cause its awesome.
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The guy in the vid is pretty damn awesome, although his violin screeches so much.

Rather an odd example, but the interlude in "To live is to Die" by Metallica has a really nice acoustic and violin part, not for long though as it goes straight into heavy power chords after that.

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PJ Harvey plays violin, and if I remember correctly, there's a lot of guitar/violin stuff throughout the "Rid of Me" album. If you're interested, check some of that stuff out, but I'm not quite sure exactly how much violin there is on it.
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oh btw, i just thought of "something in the way" by nirvana the original recording uses a cello but i'm sure you could replace it with violin and it would sound good.

that would be sick
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Depending on her skill there are some Yellowcard songs that involve some interesting, but fun violin parts. Violin accompaniments aren't every where, but there are enough out there to keep you two busy. Try looking at Miles Apart by Yellowcard, and you may find what you're looking for.
amie by damien rice has violin in it and is a nice song
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i would like to point out the above poster recommended 'to live is to die' while you could arrange that for acoustic and violin (and it would prolly sound really good too) the interlude in the middle is technically not violin, it involves a delay pedal.... you turn on yer distortion, kill all the tone on yer axe, turn on your delay pedal with a decent length of delay ( 300 ms or so ) have the volume knob twisted to 0 on yer guitar, hit a note (preferable on an unwound string) and slowly raise the volume on the guitar, the effect will come out sounding like a violin.....
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Mahavishnu Orchestra


dust in the wind by Kansas is another good choice.

also check out the songs on Metallicas SnM album
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The Mahavishnu Orchestra

''One Word'' Is A Pretty Crazy song with crazy guitar and violin.
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The Mahavishnu Orchestra

''One Word'' Is A Pretty Crazy song with crazy guitar and violin.

lets not forget those drums
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Try Cursive's the Recluse. I beleive the Cellist plays a viloin for that song. Might be hard to figure out the melody, but it's an idea.
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what would be really cool to do is play the rhythm part for some songs on guitar, and then have the lead arranged for violin. i know carbon leaf does something similar with a mandolin. when i saw them they played crazy train with the main guitar on the mandolin. it would sound pretty cool if you did something similar with guitar and violin.
django reinhardt / stephane grappelli is all you need. absoultely brilliant guitarist and violinist, those two. that is if you dig jazz. however, there are a lot of people who dislike jazz and still like django, so give it a listen.
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eleanor(sp) rigby by the beatles i dont think theres much guitar in that but u could pry add a couple of chords cuz that has sweet violin
paganinis(sp?) 5th caprice lol.
some radiohead covers.
Are you guys looking for actual pieces to play or is this just a random jam? If it is, just play a chord progression for her (making sure she knows the key) and have her improvise with an appropriate scale. Notes are notes man, regardless of what instrument they come from
play some Apocalyptica, i know its cellos they use but i saw on youtube a guitarist and violinist jamming to some of that stuff
Youtube covers

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django reinhardy and stephan grapelli

reinhardt. yeah, go for it if the two of you are good enough, that gypsy jazz stuff isn't easy. yeah, violin/guitar work really well together (i hope you mean acoustic guitar, it would be a pain in the ass for a violinist to have to compete with an electric guitar unmiked). you could do instrumental versions of songs with violin playing the melody, and classical pieces would work nicely as well. also maybe use the violin for textural effects, like have her sustain double-stops to help fill out chords, or have countermelodies or harmonize the vocals with violin (or double them). it's funny, my sister plays flute and we've played together too. also i got this really shy violinist to play with me for like 10 seconds once and it sounded really good, so enjoy it.
Tried some reinhardt gypsy stuff and discovered that the song 'plug in baby' by Muse worked wel on a violin, the main riff bit i mean.

What you could do is find a peice of music with the violin as the solo instroment and any other instroment as the chord progression (doesn't have to be guitar) and just learn the chord progression on guitar.
meow :3
You could try to fit some Pink Floyd's songs with violin playing the synth parts? Not sure how it would sound tho'
why don't you just find a song you play on guitar she likes, and just ask her to play the vocal lines on violin. I've done it with a guy on piano, it works really well.
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^^Seconded, good practice too

How about Nothing Else Matters, that has an orcestrated bit.

Also take a look at some Arcade Fire songs
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