Poll: Which Band Member Is Best?
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Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
4 80%
Malcolm Young (Rhythm Guitar)
1 20%
Bon Scott (Lead Vocals)
0 0%
Brian Johnson (Lead Vocals)
0 0%
Cliff Williams (Bass)
0 0%
Phill Rudd (Drums)
0 0%
Chris Slade (Drums)
0 0%
Voters: 5.
Out of the most well-known band members of AC/DC which do you think is best? (Based on the skill of their position) Please vote! Comments, Questions? Post 'em.
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Angus Young. Great but simple riff maker. He is also an amazing live performer and knows exactly how to get the crowd going.
Angus. Did u see them in Dunnington? I got it on DVD. He's the center of attention at all times!
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