Does anyone know any fast but easy solos that would impress people? I m a beginner and I pick things up quickly but I cant move my hands that quickly(yet) and my hands are small(well, smaller than most guiatrists) Any suggestions?
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crazy train is really easy
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fade to black, took me like an hour to learn it, and still makes my m8s go 'wow!'. or alternatively sweet child o mine, maybe excluding the last bit if u cnt move ur hands very quickly
heres my first solo and i still think its...groovy.

Blood Brothers(the second solo)-Iron Maiden
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crazy train is really easy

if you play it rele slopply and ****tly yer it is, those sextuplet runs at the end arent easy.

Ok mate first off stop using ur hand size as an excuse just delete it from ur head its bollox. Secondly get a metronome and learn the ins and outs of alternate picking get fast with paul gilbert exercises, Learn wat u love, not stuff u think people will shag you for.
uhh... train hard!!! no one can at first. if you're into guitar playing just to impress people you won't get far... it requires a lot of work and learning.
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Well...im not being an asshat, but Master of Puppets is actually pretty easy. I could play it at like 8-10 months (cant remember). Just a bunch pulloffs in a repeating succession that moves slightly up the fret board in 1-2 fret intervals.
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^ I was actually going to say learn some Metallica. You could also learn some slower songs/solos that are wickedly impressive. Just pick something and learn it
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any blues

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Who are you trying to impress, guitarists that are good? Because if thats who you are trying to impress you actually have to play something hard. But if your trying to impress just regular ppl pla any solo that sounds good, they will be like woooohhh. Try Nothing else matters for non guitarists or Fade to Black. And do like Blitzkrieg for guitarists.
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^ ALL blues

You just earned yourself three thousand ignorance points. Try calling Eric Johnson's style and flawlessness note for note. Try doing some picking like Robert Johnson. What about some of Stevie Ray's songs? You know, all of his stuff was played on really heavy gauged strings. Try doing his bends and following his pace like that. Try to NOT make the blues sound like piss. Better yet, stop being so god damn ignorant.
try the one from sublime's what i got, or my personal favorite, ac/dc's you shook me all night long
try some pink floyd

another brick in the wall pt 2
comfortably numb both solos

all easy took me an hour and a half to learn them all
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any tapping. try the tapping parts of eruption and people who dont play will be impressed.