Ok so im in a band. There are the two of us (guitar), not three if you have read my other thread. We also have bass and keyboard eho are both friends of mine but are quite reliable so i waont have the problem of breaking bad news if you see what i mean. I know about five drummers who are all good friends of mine so i think i should audition because:
  • Some os them might prove unreliable
  • It would be hard to pick 1 because it might offend the others
  • I get the best one..
  • ^Less chance of having to kick them out

I also need to audition singes cause i dont know any.
How do you sugest i go about it and what are your thoughts?
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Just have a drum kit setup and invite them all over and screen them one at a time. I think an audition is a great idea.
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You should just have some jam sessions or something with them (individually of course) and talk to them about doing a band - see if they are dedicated, are interested in playing the same type of music etc. I think an audition may be too formal and put too much pressure on them. Also half of being a good band is not how good you are but how good all the members interact!
Im just ****ing jealous of you. Five friends who play drums? Jesus christ, I only know of one and he's just started!

Pass the rest on to me, or I'm gonna make your life a living hell.

(in other words, sounds like a plan, audition away!)
I am return.


Upon a time
I could control myself...
Auditions sound good, and a little chat to determine commitment level etc...

Take two of the rejects and put them in a box with their kits. I'll PM you my address, i could always use a spare drummer.